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Terms of Use

Ask For It, Inc. ("Ask For It") provides a collection of online resources, processes and applications all sometimes called “tools”, which include, but are not limited to: browse, search, submit forms, user profile pages, request/ask pages, comment boards, solution pages, detail pages, widgets, Facebook Connect service, comments, link sharing, tags, calendaring tools, data input tools, and Web Services application programming interfaces (APIs), and other resources. The use of resources, processes and tools on this site are subject to the following:

As far as Ask For It knows, the aggregation and utilization of these resources, processes and tools is exclusive and unique. The purpose of the site is to encourage the free expression of ideas, needs and wants and to encourage, promote and provide positive changes through a community of voices desiring similar things, actions, solutions, resolutions, creations and innovations. We have therefore compiled terms of use _(“Terms of Use”) and Advertising and Privacy Policies to advance the purposes of the site give voice to its Users and at the same time give adequate protection to the Users consistent with the purpose of the Ask For It Website.

By visiting and/or registering on the Ask For It site, you become a User. Any visitor to the Ask For It site is a User. Users are required to understand and agree to these Terms of Use in order to use the Ask For It website and its resources, processes and tools.

Any and all content posted to the Ask For It site by a User is the sole responsibility of the User submitting the Content. Users may not use the website or User Accounts for any illegal activity, including but not limited to any activity that may violate a person’s or people’s right(s) to privacy or other rights under Federal or State law, or promote discrimination on the basis of race, religion, age or gender. Users may not post content or information that is libelous, criminally, civilly or commercially disparaging, slanderous, pornographic, obscene, profane, illegal, or hateful; no content or information may promote illegal activity in any individual state or country. User generated content must not be intended to produce - or be likely to produce - lawless action in any country. Users must not promote, or provide content referencing, facilitating, containing or using, the following: alcohol-related content, tobacco products, ammunition and/or firearms; content that infringes upon the rights of any third party, including intellectual property rights, privacy, publicity or other personal or proprietary right, or that is deceptive or fraudulent; gambling, including without limitation, any online casino, sports books, bingo or poker; Illegal activity and/or illegal contests, pyramid schemes, sweepstakes or chain letters; content that is hateful, threatening, defamatory, or pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence. Operators of the Ask For It website may remove any content that does not meet the requirements of the Terms of Use or is otherwise deemed unsuitable for any reason or no reason in the site operator's sole judgment. Such removal may be with or without justification, notification, or explanation.

Users are required to use their own identities. Users may not impersonate any group or individual, whether real or fictitious. Users must, on request, provide such personal identification to Ask For It, Inc., as may be required by law enforcement agencies, or to verify that a User is the actual person and not someone posing as another. One of the primary reasons for this requirement to protect Users from abuse by impersonators, should there be such. See our Privacy Policy regarding protection of your personal information.

Ask For It website operators reserve the right to reject or remove any content they deem substantially identical or meaningfully similar to other content already posted on the site. Content or other information provided on the Ask For It website may be removed at any time for any reason at Ask For It website operators’ sole discretion.

Users agree that they will not hold responsible Ask For It or its operators for any direct or indirect damages that may result from their use of the Ask For It website or from their use of any other operations related to or associated with the Ask For website. Users acknowledge that they understand that Ask For It and its operators do not guarantee the suitability or usefulness of this website for any specific purpose.

Users are responsible for notating when they are using copyrighted or other protected intellectual or other property.

Users agree that these Terms of Use may change at any time without notification and it is a User’s responsibility to remain aware of current terms of use at any time they use the website for any purpose.

Prior to posting any content to the Ask For It Site, Users must create an account through Facebook Connect. User agrees and understands that Facebook Connect will pass information to Ask For It which Ask For It will store and use, including user’s email address, which is a required condition of registration.

Users are encouraged to review the Ask For It Privacy Policy for more information about the information we collect and how such information is used. When Users provide any form of identifying information, they may not impersonate any real or fictional individual or entity. Users are encouraged to consult Ask For It’s Privacy Policy for information about how Ask For It handles, uses and protects your personal information.

By creating and/or using a User Account on Ask For It, User acknowledges acceptance of these Terms of Use.

By registering at Ask For It, all Users must provide Ask For It, their valid email address when registering for a User Account. This shall be provided Ask For It through Facebook Connect. Users must provide only their own email addresses and they may not provide the email addresses of other persons or groups.

User Account requirements may change at any time without notification. Failure to comply with any site requirement or Terms of Use may result in the suspension or deletion of User’s User Account and a ban of User from future use of the site, or other restrictions or prohibitions. Users agree that any or all User Account(s) may be deactivated, deleted, or otherwise changed at any time at the sole discretion of Ask For It’s operators, without notification, explanation, or justification of any kind.

Users understand and acknowledge that Ask For It does not guarantee the suitability of Ask For It User Accounts for any specific purpose or activity.

Users agree to receive email from Ask For It for the following purposes

If Ask For It, at its sole discretion, chooses to contact User about a potential or proposed solution for any request/ask User had Asked For (clicked the “Ask For It” button for any request/ask). Such communications may be commercial in nature and may contain content provided and paid for by third parties. By accepting these Terms of Use you are requesting that we contact you via email with information regarding any request/ask you have joined, as well as with general information about the Ask For It platform

Ask For It may contact User about usage, status, or content of User Account, changes to Ask For It’s services, Terms of Use or Privacy Policy and opportunities provided by the Ask For It website or related, affiliated or other parties which Ask For It, in its sole discretion, deems relevant to User. Such communications may be commercial in nature and may contain content provided and paid for by third parties.

Users agree that they do not and will not hold responsible Ask For It or its operators for any direct or indirect damages that may result from usage of the Ask For It site, from the usage of an Ask For It User Account or from any other operations of the Ask For It website.

User understands, and acknowledges that posting by a User of personal information about other persons or entities may be in violation of federal and state laws governing privacy, civil rights and other matters. For example, posting information about another person’s medical situation without the express written, informed consent of that person could violate the HIPPA laws and/or other privacy laws. Additionally, use of Ask For It, to collect a debt or intimidate another person may have legal consequences. We cannot and do not give legal advice. It is your duty to know the law. If you are disclosing private information such as medical, highly personal, or financial information of another person or entity, you should understand the law surrounding these disclosures. You may want to contact a lawyer . Some laws that you may want to understand include, but are not limited to the HIPPA law (, relating to the disclosure of medical information, the Fair Debt Collections Practice law (, relating to disclosure or use of personal financial information, the FACTA law (, and other State and Federal laws governing the disclosure of certain personal information if you are making postings about other persons or entities.

User acknowledges that there is no implied or express warranty about the functionality or suitability of the Ask For It website or its associated services. Users agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Ask For It website operators for any-and-all indirect or direct damages that may result from content posted on this site, that is not posted on this site, or that is removed from this site, or by any and all operations of this website, including liability for attorneys fees and court costs, if any, incurred as a result of any violation of the the Terms of Use whether as a party to an action or in the enforcement of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policies of Ask For It..

Ask for It makes no guarantees as to efforts that may be made or actions taken that relate to any content posted on the site.

Identities posted on the Ask For It site are not guaranteed to correspond to real world persons, nor should they be recognized as a proof of identity by any User, corporation, customer, client, government or other organization.

If User posts a Request on Site and another user has clicked on the “Ask For It” button pertaining to the Request, User will not be permitted to remove or modify the Request.

User gives Ask For It and its operators explicit consent to retain all data received from Facebook regarding User. Such consent shall remain even if Ask For It ceases using the Facebook platform at any time or if Facebook disables - or otherwise severs relations with - Ask For It, its Operators, or the Ask For It website or application.

User acknowledges that when User authorizes Ask For It to connect with Facebook and information is transmitted from Facebook to Ask For It, that information becomes retainable in perpetuity by Ask For It, independent of any action - past, present or future - Facebook or Ask For It may take as regards their relationship with one another.

Users have the option to terminate their relationship with the Ask For It website at any time. Users are not permitted to delete any Request or content they have submitted to the Ask For It Site.

Users understand that they should carefully consider any content they provide to the Ask For It website as the liability for such content is their responsibility but content and its use becomes the property of Ask For It in perpetuity.

Advertising Policy

For your use of the Ask For It Service, Ask For may display - and send via email or other electronic transmission - advertisements and commercial content and materials based on information gathered from your use use of the Ask For It website, including paid content from third parties.

Ask For It and its operators specifically disclaim all warranty and liability regarding third party materials, ads, links, promotions, etc. Advertisement can include any form of banner, box, text link, display ad, or otherwise, on the site, as well as through commercial mail or email or other electronic transmission to users of Ask For It.

If any person or entity does not wish to be a User of of this site or to see or receive communications from the site, such person should not use the site, register with the site, connect with the site via Facebook Connect, or interact with content on the site.

Commercial advertisement and Email Communication is essential to operate the site. All commercial emails are Can Spam compliant. All Users have the option to opt out from general communications from Ask For via email. In order to not receive email corresponding to specific content on the site, such as “Ask For It” requests/asks, Users should not interact with said content. If Users wish to no longer receive email pertaining to site content, they must remove their interaction which usually consists in the form of an “click” on a specific Request/Ask which shows user’s approval of the content or a desire to show support for the request/ask of the content.

Ask For It will provide notice of materially significant changes to the Terms by posting notice on the Ask For It site.