How it Works

You ask for things and invite your friends. We spread the word and help make it happen.

Your Role
Dream Big
You think up brilliant and clever things to ask for. As you type in what you want, we'll show you if anyone else has asked for something similar, so you can join in.

Rally the Troops
Then spread the word about your Ask to your Facebook friends, your email contacts, and your Twitter followers right from the site. Each Ask receives a dedicated page with a comment board, sharing tools, and a counter to help you track growth. Other people can join your Ask by clicking the "Ask For It" button on this page.
Our Role
We optimize your Ask pages to rank higher in Google, Bing and other search engines to maximize exposure and get searchers to your Asks. We also promote Asks through Facebook, Twitter and other channels. And we advertise all over the world to drive people back to the site.

Represent & Advocate
When an Ask gets traction, we'll act as an advocate to represent you to those who have the power to make it happen. While we can't guarantee you'll get everything you ask for (we don't run covert missions to overthrow corrupt dictators and we can't promise Hanes will implement your idea for waistband-free underwear) we do promise to do our best to make your voice heard. The Asks with the most people supporting them will get different levels of advocacy from Ask For It.* Here's the breakdown: While different Asks may require a modified scale (niche vs. national) we'll be using this as our guideline.

*We reserve the right to not advocate for any position we deem - in our sole discretion - to be contentious, frivolous, impossible (due to the laws of nature), unrealistic or gross.