What is Ask For It?

The Idea

We've all experienced it -- wishing for something and wondering if it will ever happen. Ask For It is the platform that helps you get what you want by finding other like-minded people to rally around an idea, creating enough visible demand to make a difference.

Once an Ask gets enough traction, we'll act as your representative and work to bring what you want to the attention of those who can make it happen.

While the list is quite endless, Ask For It helps organize demand for:
  • Things not yet made or even conceived
  • Events or activities not yet planned or available in your area
  • New features, enhancements or changes to products or services
  • Policies, laws, or the people who can change them
  • Better pricing, availability, promotions, or offerings

Learn more about how it works here.

The Team

Drexden Davis

Drex has been CEO of Scrapbook.com for seven years and helped make it the most visited online venue for paper-crafters in the world. And for the record, he can out-crop anyone under the table.

Prior to honing his coluzzling and quilling skills, he worked at an analyst at Goldman Sachs in New York, did post-grad work in Music Business Management at NYU and has a BA in Philosophy from Brigham Young University.

And to think that his mother told him he’d never get a job with a degree in Philosophy.

Among his other interests, Drex is an aspiring musician and eventually wants to move to Brooklyn, grow a ZZ-Top beard, and make it big as a cross-over hip-hop artist. Or at least put his master’s degree and love of music to use in a business setting.

Andrew Jennings, Ph.D.

Andrew is a smart dude. He was involved in the development of the original Kindle at Amazon, created and marketed Shoptivate, one of the first search-as-you-type resources for online merchants, and is in charge of the day-to-day programming at AskForIt.com. To top it off, he does the statistical ninja goodness that happens in the background.

He recently completed his Doctoral degree in Mathematics of Social Choice from Arizona State University, where he had previously earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. If you call him “doctor” he’s likely to call you “doctor” right back to see how you respond. (Anyone? Anyone?)

McKane Davis

McKane Davis is a seasoned entrepreneur. He launched his first startup in college and his second shortly after graduating with a degree in English because, seriously, what are you going to do with a degree in English? Thankfully, McKane is adept at seeing a need in the marketplace and jumping in with a solution.

McKane co-founded Scrapbook.com and was instrumental in its brand development. An expert at understanding user desires and behavior, he crafts online user experiences that are intuitive, beautiful and fun. McKane has taken a moral stance against Papyrus and Comic Sans. He now oversees the design and user experience at AskForIt.com.

Drex’s little brother, McKane has always resented living in the shadow of his older brother’s scrapbooking skills.

Brent Jensen

Brent has been around the block a time or two (in the entrepreneurial sense). He’s contributed to the success of Scrapbook.com and Intel where he’s cut his teeth in marketing, product development and management sectors.

Which makes him a perfect fit for AskForIt.com.

Brent holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. As a cofounder of AskForIt.com, Brent manages AskForIt.com technical development, database wizardry, and keeps the rest of the team from chasing shiny objects.