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56 people want to be able to remotely turn the ringer on my cell phone on when it is lost and on silent mode.

It would help me find my cell phone when it's lost in the bottom of a bag, under a chair, etc.
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Keywords: Cell, phone
Categories: Games & Apps
Started: 18 Mar 2011  
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Ian, 19-Nov-13
my wife has an iPhone 4s. She keeps forgetting to take the phone off silent. How can I use my android phone to alert her to the fact that her phone is on silent
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Rob, 29-Jan-13
Where's my iPhone app will do the same thing. You can have it ring when in silent mode. You can also remotely lock it with a password and wipe the data.
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Renee, 01-Dec-11
someone left their phone in a restaurant bathroom, remembered and returned immediately to grab it, only one other person had been in the bathroom after her and stole her phone. I asked her why she didn't call herself from her husbands phone right then and bust the lady and she said because her ringer was off. Another perfect reason to need to turn on your ringer remotely. Thieves!
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Jill, 29-Mar-11
I had the Droid app and used it several times a week at home. lol Now I need one for my iphone
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Emily, 29-Mar-11
I have the Where's my Droid app, but I keep forgetting the key phrase that's supposed to turn the ringer on. Haha.

Its also kind of annoying because you have to have another cell phone to text your phone the key phrase. It would be nice to be able to do it through the phone company's website, like sprint.com. But, my husband showed me last night I can do it with google voice. So as long as I can remember my key phrase. . .
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Halbe-Sauer, 23-Mar-11
I have the Where's My Droid app, it works great and does just what you are asking for!
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Andrew, 21-Mar-11
If you have an Android phone, you can download the "Where's My Droid" app. Then, when you lose your phone, you borrow someone else's and send a text message to your phone that says "Where's My Droid". (You can change the key phrase if you want.) The app then turns your ringer on, turns the volume up, and starts ringing your phone so you can find it.
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Drex, 18-Mar-11
This is such a GREAT idea ... since on my phone the silent mode is just one click from vibrate mode, and I always keep it on vibrate, the merest bump in my pocket can send it into silent mode w/o me knowing. Then I set the phone down and - bam - I call, nothing, I'm looking for a long time. I need this!
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