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66 people want to replace the BCS college football system with a playoff.

The BCS system is too arbitrary and frequently there is more than one undefeated team at the end of the year. We never really know which team was best and, therefore, most deserving to be named national champ. By instituting a playoff (either a 4-team or an 8-team) we could largely get rid of that problem and really settle, once and for all, which team is best each college football season.
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Keywords: football, ncaa, college, bcs, playoff
Categories: Sports
Started: 15 Mar 2011  
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James, 22-Jun-12
It's great to see progress on this. I think it's inevitable to go to an 8-team playoff. This will be disappointing. Too much. But, this at least allows teams to decide the champion on the field rather than letting administrators decide. Nevertheless, it's still gonna screw over small teams like Utah, Boise State, etc.
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David, 27-Jan-12
I think they are adjusting the system to create a semi-Plus One. I heard something on the radio about this.

Anyway, I like that every game counts and every game matters in the regular season. Why should a team with 2 losses have a chance to be National Champions?
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David, 26-Aug-11
...it being necessary when there is more than one undefeated team remaining.
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David, 26-Aug-11
I like that every game in the college football season counts. I'm prefer to keep it that way. I just want a 'Plus One' system or something like it that makes sure we reach a consensus who the champions are. Meaning, an additional game or games can be played when/if necessary.
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Matt, 22-Mar-11
Screw the Utes. Bring on December Madness!
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Matthew, 22-Mar-11
Now that the Utes are in a BCS conference, I want this a lot less. A WHOLE lot less.
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Drex, 17-Mar-11
Oh boy the Utah Utes fans should be hitting this Ask hard.
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